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Podcast on Bram Stoker


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the BBC has some excellent podcasts. i regularely listen to both arts & ideas and in our time. here’s an interesting one about Bram Stoker, his life and what he might have intended for the Dracula character to represent and how this fits in with social/cultural currents of the time.

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Dark City presenterer : Dead Of Winter Club Night


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skal snurre plater, nå på lørdagen. blir bra :)

“The wintry west extends his blast,
And hail and rain does blaw;
Or the stormy north sends driving forth
The blinding sleet and snaw:
While, tumbling brown, the burn comes down,
… And roars frae bank to brae;
And bird and beast in covert rest,
And pass the heartless day.”Dark City kjører igang en klubbkveld igjen…..og Dark Citys egne DJs vil varme opp kjelleren med en god blanding av synth, goth, industrial & alternativ musikk.
annonser deltakelse!

Gratis inngang – 20 år leg – åpner 2200

everything from nothing


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artikkel om en nyutgitt bok av Lawrence M. Krauss som oppsummerer nyere retninger innen vitenskap/astronomi. om hvor nært vi har kommet en forståelse av universet der behovet for en skapergud har mindre og mindre plass. og om hvordan vi må revurdere konseptet “ingenting”. et par interessante sitater:

The question of why there was a Big Bang or any quantum particles at all was presumed to lie safely out of scientific bounds, in the realms of philosophy or religion. Now even that assumption is no longer safe, as exemplified by a new book by the cosmologist Lawrence M. Krauss.

The point of the book, (..) is not to try to make people lose their faith, but to illuminate how modern science has changed the meaning of nothingness from a vague philosophical concept to something we can almost put under a lab microscope.

It would be silly to think that we won’t have better answers and better questions 50 or 100 years from now, but for the moment this is the story science can tell.

If nothing is our past, it could also be our future. As the universe, driven by dark energy — that is to say, the negative pressure of nothing — expands faster and faster, the galaxies will become invisible, and all the energy and information will be sucked out of the cosmos. The universe will revert to nothingness.


Rosalia Lombardo



Rosalia Lombardo was an Italian child born in 1918 in Palermo, Sicily. She died of pneumonia on December 6, 1920. Rosalia’s father, General Lombardo, was sorely grieved upon her death, so he approached Alfredo Salafia, a noted embalmer, to preserve her. [1] Her body was one of the last corpses to be admitted to the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo in Sicily.


time-lapse fotografi, øynene hennes åpner og lukker seg, tilsynelatende. creepy :)